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Welcome to The Lifehouse

Do you believe that YOU were designed to thrive?

We do.

But we also know how many people face the challenge of being healthy, or raising healthy kids in today’s hectic world. How do you sift through all of the information to know what is truly best for your family? How do you 'stack the deck' to have healthy & robust immune systems, with fewer nights of lost sleep, less stress, and more times being able to enjoy quality time together with your loved ones?

At The Lifehouse, our approach is different. We work with the natural healing abilities of the body to help each person reach his or her potential. Our focus is on supporting families through all life stages, including prenatal and infant care- as our greatest passion lies in working with pregnant women, babies and kids.

Is it enhanced sports performance you seek? Healthy immune systems? An easier and faster labour? Calmer babies and more focused kids? Fewer medications? Better sleep? More energy? More peace of mind? Or just a little hope that things can get better?

With over a decade of experience helping families and people of all ages create greater health, happiness and vitality - our vision is to create a community that is vibrant with life.

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