On Your First Visit

Your first visit to The Lifehouse is an opportunity for us to get to know you, your child, or your family. We will spend 45-60 minutes with you on this visit in order to determine how we can best serve you on your journey to health and wellbeing.

Family first visits may take up to 2 hours, depending on the age and number of family members being assessed. This will be determined when you call to book your first visit. As well, family members can be assessed at separate times in order to accommodate you and your schedules.

Before your first visit to our office we suggest you print off and fill out our initial forms. It is important to remember that chiropractic care is about much more than just pain and symptoms. This detailed information helps Dr. Amy understand as much as possible about you, your life to date, and the everyday stresses that you may experience. Many of the health issues that we experience today are a buildup of stress over a lifetime. In order for us to help guide you to reach your own health goals, this information is vitally important. If you require assistance filling out the forms, please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled first visit, and our assistants will help you to complete them.

After a thorough history, Dr. Amy will then be able to provide an explanation of chiropractic and how it relates to you, your child or your family.

Your chiropractic assessment will consist of a thorough neuro spinal assessment. This includes a computerized scan of your spine and nervous system, a postural assessment, full body ranges of motion, and a head-to-toe hand on assessment of your spine, and cranial region (head). Please be aware that many babies sleep through their assessments, and young kids feel like it’s a game. Regardless of age, every assessment is completed within your comfort levels.

Our office has invested in state of the art computerized technology. This helps us assess the health of your spine and nervous system whether you have symptoms or not. This technology can be adapted for use on any age, including newborns and children. These computerized scans reflects three separate and distinct measurements that help Dr. Amy evaluate your neurospinal health. These scans are simply taking a reading from your body, not putting anything in. They are painless and simply require you to sit still for a few moments while we do the scans along your spine. The SEMG tracks electrical signals sent by your muscles to reveal patterns of nerve disturbance. The Thermal Scans identify the disturbance of nerve function as it relates to your organs, glands and blood vessels using infrared heat sensors. Heart Rate Variability monitors your body's ability to adapt to the stresses in your life.

Following your assessment, Dr. Amy will let you know if you are in the best place for the care that you need. After Dr. Amy answers any questions you may have, our assistants will then schedule you for your Chiropractic Report. Prior to your report, Dr. Amy will take time to review your assessment and scans, looking at the whole picture to come up with the best strategies to help you and your family get well and stay well.

After your first visit, you will be able to choose your next step. During your follow up Chiropractic Report, Dr. Amy will simply and thoroughly explain the results of your assessment. She will take the time to give clear explanations of what is going on, how we may be able to help you, how long it will take, and what it will cost. At all times you will be actively involved in your care with us, helping us to set goals based on what your current state of health may be, the stresses you encounter in your everyday life, and what level of health you want to create. After all of your questions have been answered, you will receive your first adjustment.

How you decide to use chiropractic care in your life is always up to you. If you are ready to make the commitment to yourself, your life, and your well being, you are in the right place!

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